Peacemaking On Your Team

by Ron Potter

Peacemaking Leaders

The times demand that leaders bring peace to their organizations and teams. Peacemaking can be rare in our cultural climate, but that doesn’t have to be true in your company.

A peacemaking leader is a leader who:

  • seeks to create calm within the storms of business.
  • understands the positive role of conflict in building a solid team.
  • is creative, energy-filled calm when employees can feel under siege and at the mercy of chaos.
  • who stays steady in the turbulence and work with them to create new answers, new plans, and a new future.

Planting Seeds of Peace

This kind of leader can bring about peace by making meaning out of the mess. The times demand that flexibility and humility replace rigid systems and pride.

The predictable environment is outdated, but to ensure quality, solid staff relationships, and employee achievement, leaders must embrace the peacemaker role and bring meaning to everything that is done or will be done.

This may sound like a daunting task. But even spreading a few small seeds of peace consistently will make such a difference—long term. Max Lucado put it this way:

Take a seed the size of a freckle. Put it under several inches of dirt. Give it enough water, light, and fertilizer. And get ready. A mountain will be moved. It doesn’t matter that the ground is a zillion times the weight of the seed. The seed will push it back.

Every spring, dreamers around the world plant tiny hopes in overturned soil. And every spring, their hopes press against impossible odds and blossom.

Never underestimate the power of a seed.

As far as I know, James, the epistle writer, wasn’t a farmer. But he knew the power of a seed sown in fertile soil.

“Those who are peacemakers will plant seeds of peace and reap a harvest of goodness.”

Become a leader who sows seeds of peace.

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