by Ron Potter

I’m sorry for the missed blogs the last several weeks.  In the last several years I’ve never missed a blog until my recent health issues.  I was shocked at how many blogs I had missed which speaks to the health issue I’ve been experiencing lately.

We are blessed enough to own a cabin in Northern Michigan.  There are only 16 cabins on 500 acres of property.  It’s a wonderful place to rest and recuperate.  One of our long-time friends owns a place just a few doors from us.  Unfortunately, he is suffering from cancer that he was diagnosed with almost as soon as he retired.

When we stopped the other day to see how things were going, his wife said he woke up with a desire for bananas and wanted to know if we had any.  We did have bananas and went back to our cabin to retrieve them.  When we returned she came to the car to retrieve the bananas.  I said, “It was a good thing you came to the car because if I had brought them up to their cabin, they would have all been spoiled by the time I made it to the house.”

She laughed and said that I had not lost my sense of humor.

There are two lessons to learn from that story.

  1. There is always someone in worse shape than you so don’t get hung up on how bad you have it.
  2. Never lose your sense of humor.  No matter how bad things are, humor always seems to help.

Sorry for the Delay

Again, I’m sorry for the absence of blogs over the last several weeks.  Hopefully, my health is good enough that I’ll be able to keep then going.

Let me recap the lessons from this week’s blog.

Always Someone Worse

No matter how bad you feel, there is always someone worse.  There’s a group of us that usually play golf together at least once in the spring.  Of the four of us, I have inherited liver disease, one has cancer, one has a neurological issue, and one has heart disease.  There is always someone in worse shape.

Never Lose Your Sense of Humor

Laugh at everything.  Things are always easier to handle with humor.  Never lose your sense of humor.


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