by Ron Potter

A fire raged through Northern Michigan in 1871. That was 150 years ago. But many of the stumps from that fire remain. I’ve mentioned that we’ve been fortunate to have a piece of property “up north” where sixteen homes in the association own 500 acres of land. While most of the forest has grown up in the last 90 years, many of those burned stumps from the 1870s remain.


I was walking the other day on the road that goes to most of the cabins and our driveway. Even though I was using two walking sticks, I lost my balance and began to pick up speed down the road and our driveway. My wife was walking toward me as I explained, “I can’t stop!” I veered off our driveway, tangled my feet in the ferns, and went down.

I didn’t just go down, I face-planted in one of the 150 burned-out stumps (that are still charred from the fire). My adult daughter cleaned many of the charred remains from my eye, and then we went to the emergency care facility. The nurse cleaned my eye further and then proceeded to glue the eyelid and nose. I looked pretty bad for a couple of days.

Life is full of falls and face-plants. Some health issues currently cause mine but if I look back over a lifetime, there have been many along the way. Some are more obvious than others.

Daily Life

What happens when we do a “face-plant” in our daily life?

Many of us are too embarrassed to openly admit it and will do anything to cover it up. The more common issue I see and have experienced myself is to blame someone else or something else. But for the most part, it’s really my own stupidity that caused the issue in the first place.


In the long run, I think the best approach is to just acknowledge that it happened and, for me, blend in the humor that I’m known for. It’s amazing how far a little humor will help you work through some of these face-plant issues and help make things better in the long run and quicker to overcome.

Humor, Humor, Humor

No matter what the severity of your issue is, keep up your humor. It will make a great deal of difference in the long run.

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