Three Things Born in 1948

by Ron Potter
Image Source: April, Creative Commons

Image Source: April, Creative Commons

Three things were born in 1948.

Two of them have dramatically changed the world. The third has been a very interested observer.

One—the transistor. It came out of bell labs and Wikipedia describes it as, “The fundamental building block of modern electronic devices.”

Two—the bit. Short for binary digit is the basic unit of information in computer and digital communication.

Three—Ron Potter. Substantially less impactful than the first two.

For whatever reason, I have long felt to be a part of and intertwined with this growing digital world. The programmable microprocessor (which made the PC possible) was born the year I graduated from engineering school.

But in spite of this fascination and enjoyment of this gadget world, I have been more interested by the human mind, spirit and soul. Who we are and how all things human work together is much more fascinating and complex than anything man made.

Alvin Toffler wrote the book Future Shock at about the time I graduated from engineering school. One sentence, made up of four words, struck me very deeply and I still see its impact every day. That sentence was, “High tech, high touch.” Toffler, in his amazing vision of this coming technological revolution, seemed to understand that it wouldn’t work if we lose touch as human beings.

The advantage provided by the instantaneous, world-wide communication that these technologies have brought won’t work if we don’t build trust and stay connected as human beings.

In fact, without building the human connected trust required, these high-tech solutions can actually turn destructive. We’ve all seen reputations and relationships damaged or even destroyed through electronic communication.
Be careful. Get to know and understand people. Build trust. We’ve been identified as human “beings,” not human “doings.”

If you’ll build the relationships, trust, understanding, and respect needed for a great team to work, the high technology can greatly enhance everything. Without trust it can quickly become destructive.

Build trust!

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