by Ron Potter

Over the last couple of years, I have been working with a team of people to bring some of our (myself and other coaches on the team) experiences to users in an app.  I would like to share a video with you about that journey.


Good GPS devices perform three functions:

  • Show you where you are
  • Show you where you’re going
  • Give you the best route to get there.

GPS4Leaders performs the same functions.  It will show you where you are as a team through

  • Personal Assessments
  • Team Dynamic Assessments

It will show you where you’re going through

  • Models of great teams, leaders, and cultures

It will give you the best route to get there

  • By talking team dynamic assessment, showing you where to focus and progress towards becoming great teams, leaders, and culture


GPS4Teams (including two of the four modules of GPS4Leaders) is very cost-effective.  At $150/year/person it will cost only a fraction of a good executive or team coach.   However, our goal is not to replace the good executive or team coach, it’s to help them be much more effective by focusing their work and requiring less of their time to help you grow teams, leaders, and cultures.


Join us today to help grow your organization.

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