Anyway Help

by Ron Potter

People really need help but may attack you if you do help them. Help people anyway.

Sometimes people want to remain victims. It doesn’t require any accountability.

Sometimes people feel inadequate and if you help them it just proves the point.

Sometimes people don’t want your help, they just want your friendship and support.

First, make sure you understand your own motives before you try to help. A welfare society appears to want to help but it’s about keeping power and control. Are your helping motives pure?

Sometimes we try to help because we feel superior and the other person is incapable of helping themselves. Helping supports our superior feelings. Are your helping motives pure?

Sometimes we’re just being helpful. No power, no reward, no motives, just lending a helping hand. But people may still attack. Help anyway.

Headlines from a wonderful little book titled Anyway by Kent Keith

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