Organizational Integrity: Finding a Confidential Listener

by Ron

We continue our Monday series where I’m providing some snapshots into what makes up organizational integrity.

To have a great organization, integrity must be widespread. It won’t do to be a saintly leader of highest integrity if the rest of the team consists of liars, backbiters, and thieves. Integrity must exist from top to bottom. There are some key qualities that need to be modeled by leadership in order for an organization to embrace integrity.

Last week we unpacked with Trusting Others. This week we’ll explore Finding a confidential listener.

Finding a Confidential Listener

What if you as a leader are working to build a high-trust organizational culture but still feel uncomfortable totally sharing your heart with others on your team or in the company?

Find someone you can trust on the outside. You need someone who will mainly listen as you brainstorm ideas, let off steam, and regain perspective. By saying this I am not advocating that you stop being vulnerable or keeping gates open in your team or organization. But it is important for your health and well-being that you have someone, somewhere who can accept your total candor and maintain confidentiality. In some situations a consultant or a leadership coach performs this role.

Every leader needs a trusted confidant—a listener who will listen as the leader brainstorms ideas, lets off steam, and regains perspective.

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