Truths of Life

by Ron Potter

Truths of life can come in many forms.  I found this list from Dr. Travis Bradberry to be pretty complete and comprehensive.

Great success is often preceded by failure

All too often we think that success came easy to a person.  We might think they’ve always been successful and their current success is simply a continuation of that.  However, it doesn’t take much discussion with successful people to hear about the failures and moments of frustration on the road to success.  If you’re one of those people that think being successful just naturally happens to some, then you’re admitting that you don’t have the fortitude to live through and work through the failures in order to experience success.  And to be clear, I’m not talking about large financial success.  I often think of conscientious teachers who struggle and suffer wondering if they’ll ever make a breakthrough in a student’s life.  They don’t always experience it but when they do have a positive impact, there’s nothing quite like it.

Being busy does not equal being productive

This one seems to be pervasive in today’s world.  If people are busy all day, they think that is being productive!  I’ve experienced a couple of “moments” in my life when I have worked hard at eliminating the word busy from my everyday language.  I often find myself in that trap.  I might think I really needed to connect with someone but was too busy to get it done.  That’s just an excuse.  Being too busy simply means I chose not to put an item higher on my priority list.

I was told once by a Japanese acquaintance that the word busy was made up of two symbols in their written language.  The first symbol would be interpreted as a human being.  The second symbol would be interpreted as a destroyer.  Together the word busy would be translated as “human destroyer.”  Don’t let busyness destroy you.

You’re only as good as those you associate with

We work hard at instilling this in our kids.  They shouldn’t hang out with that person or crowd because they’re a bad influence on them.  We seem to forget this as an adult.  Even worse, we think because we’re adults we’re strong enough and wise enough to not let it happen to us.  Wrong.  If you don’t associate with positive, can-do people, you’ll never make it on your own.  Even if it means leaving the company you work for, do it.  You must hang out with people who are positive and care for you and others as valuable human beings.

You’re living the life you created

It’s easier to think of ourselves as victims of circumstances when things are not as we wish they should be.  The truth is, you’ve created the life you’re living by the choices you’ve made.  Maybe you can’t stomach or tolerate failure.  Maybe you’re just being busy assuming that’s being productive.  Maybe you’re not associating with the types of people that have your best interest at heart.  You’ve made these decisions!  You’ve created this life.  Don’t blame others or circumstances.

Fear is the number one source of regret

Fear of failure.  Fear of loss.  Fear of what others might think of you.  Fear of change.  These are the things that kept you from doing things but that bring you regret now.

You don’t have to wait for an apology to forgive

Lack of forgiveness is like cancer.  It will eat your insides out.  If you need an apology before you forgive then it’s not really forgiveness anyway.  It’s simply a barter.  Forgiveness is not bartered.

Live in the moment

Bradberry says “No amount of guilt can change the past, and no amount of anxiety can change the future.”  I don’t live in the past.  There is nothing you can do about it so why worry about it.  However, I’m really bad about living in the future.  I don’t believe I’m anxious about it, but I think more about the future than I do about the moment.  I’ve missed a lot along the way by living too much in the future.

Your self-worth must come from within

You know those people who seem to be worried more about what people think, what people might think, or how they think others view them.  There is no value in this kind of worry.  If you’re not comfortable with who you are it won’t make a difference anyway.  Remember, you’re living the life you created.

Life is short

This one is so much clearer the older we get.  Wise people don’t need to get physically old before they realize this.  Life is short.  Don’t waste your time being busy.  Don’t waste your time with a priority list that is not important to you.  Live life in the moment.

Change is inevitable—embrace it

Life doesn’t happen in straight lines.  It’s constantly changing.  It can easily throw you out of your comfort zone.  But it’s inevitable.  The sooner you realize that the easier it is to handle change.  Make the right decisions.  But don’t regret it if you don’t make the right decision. That’s in the past; there is nothing you can do about it.  Life is short.  Live it in the moment.  It will be a different moment tomorrow!

A list of ten is too big of a number for most of us to keep track of and remember each day.  Pick one or two of these truths.  Use those to be a better person and to live a more enjoyable life.  The one or two might change over time but concentrate on a couple that are creating more discomfort for you than they should.  Then live an enjoyable life.


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